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  • Photostudio "Positive Film" works round the clock (if there is a reservation) and without days off.Если будут вопросы, то звоните по телефону +380443334843 или пишите на электронную почту This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Звонки принимаем с 9:00 до 21:00.
  • The minimum rental time is 2 hours (subject to 100% advance payment).When booking a studio for more than 4 hours, you need to make a prepayment of 50%.
  • The minimum rental time at night and on weekends is 4 hours.
  • You can withdraw the studio reservation not later than 48 hours. If you cancel the order or transfer the time / date of the order in less than 48 hours, the studio reserves the right to withhold 50% of the order value, if canceled in less than 24 hours - 100% of the cost of the ordered time


  • When booking a studio, you accept the conditions for renting a photo studio
  • You can cancel your rent within 48 hours. You can report by phone. 
  • Before using the studio, we ask you to read the rules and check the serviceability of the equipment. Immediately inform the administrator in case of problems with the devices.
  • The start of the rental of a photo studio is the time stated in the order, and not the time of the actual appearance of the photographer in the studio. Late arrivals do not reduce the total cost of services. The end of the lease is the time when the tenant leaves the studio.
  • Visiting the photo studio is possible only in change shoes, in the absence of which the tenant will be forced to use the sterile footwear (shoe covers) provided by us. Note that the requirement for cleanliness also applies to the model.
  • If the number of people who take part in the shooting process during leased hours 6-11, the rental price increases by 25% and with the number of 12-20 people - by 50%, and at 21-30 - by 75%. Other cases are agreed in advance separately!
  • At the end of the lease, the administrator checks the serviceability of the studio equipment. In the event of spoilage, the lessee is obligated to pay the cost of the damaged equipment.
  • The rental price includes the use of used paper backgrounds with possible natural pollution. Corruption, damage or irreversible contamination of backgrounds are paid at the rate of 210 UAH. per running meter. Any manipulation of the background is done only in the presence of the administrator.
  • The studio does not smoke. You can smoke only on the street.
  • Leave the room in the same form as it was handed over to you. It is possible to order cleaning services - the price is 250 UAH.
  • Studio Positive Film reserves the right to use all material that was shot during the photo session, video sessions or material from backstage, for advertising and popularizing the studio. The studio can use pictures in studio portfolio and archive, in exhibitions, printed and electronic editions.
  • In the case of client's anonymity, the cost of photo services and video services is increased by 50%. Material from the backstage footage is discussed separately.
  • If shooting any naked (or partially naked) intimate parts of the body, then the model that takes part in the survey must provide a document that confirms her age (passport, rights). In the absence of a document or refusal to show the administration may refuse to rent or rent the premises.



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